The following is a list of my publications, in case you are interested in reading some of my more formally published work. All of these items were produced as part of my Day Job as a faculty member at UAlbany. Some of it is freely available online but the stuff that isn’t can be requested through your local library (or, you know, purchased elsewhere if you’re into that sort of thing).

Scholarly Articles

Hosier, A. (2019) Research is an activity and a subject of study: A proposed metaconcept and its practical application. College & Research Libraries, 80(1), p. 44-59. Link:

Hosier, A. (2017). Creating learning outcomes from threshold concepts for information literacy instruction. College & Undergraduate Libraries, 24(1), p. 1-13. doi: 10.1080/10691316.2017.1246396

Hosier, A. (2015). Teaching information literacy through “un-research.” Communications in Information Literacy, 9(2), 126-135. Link:

Hosier, A. (2013). Using Team-based learning in an online, asynchronous information literacy course. Journal of Library Innovation, 4(2), p. 111-121. Link:

Other articles

Hosier, A. (2019). A look behind the curtain: What I learned as a peer reviewer about dealing with disagreement and respectful conversations. Librarian Parlor.

Hosier, A. (2019). I was once a world famous magician: Using improv to improve performance in the classroom. College & Research Libraries News, 80(8), 456-458.

Hosier, A. (2019). Focusing your research by writing the abstract first. Librarian Parlor.

Hosier, A. (2012). When teachers are taught to learn: Using team-based learning as a first-time information literacy instructor. College & Research Libraries News, 73(9), 524-527. Link:

Book Chapters

Hosier, A. (2019) First, teach students to be wrong. In Mackey, T.P. and Jacobson, T.E.
(Eds.), Metaliterate Learning for the Post-Truth World. Chicago: American Library Association. Link:

Hosier, A. (2018). Badges can do that: Ideas for using badges to enhance information
literacy instruction. In O’Brien, K. & Jacobson, T.E. (Eds.), Teaching with Digital Badges. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group. Link:

Hosier, A. & Hecker, J. (2014). Evaluate: Assessing your research process and findings. In
Bobish, G. & Jacobson, T. (Eds.), The Information Literacy User’s Guide. Geneseo, NY:
Open SUNY Textbooks. Link:

Hosier, A. & Holden, I. (2014). Conclusion. In Bobish, G. & Jacobson, T. (Eds.), The
Information Literacy User’s Guide. Geneseo, NY: Open SUNY Textbooks.

Bobish, G., & Hosier, A. (2011). Creating Adobe Captivate tutorials for remote library
instruction. In C.A. Germain & G.T. Burke (Eds.), Information literacy through
the streets of Hollywood. Pittsburgh, PA: Library Instruction Publications.

Works in progress

Hosier, A. Follow-up study: Research is an activity and a subject of study (working title)

A study of peer-reviewed articles from the core journals in the library and information science field as a continued exploration of the importance of the metaconcept suggested in previous recent work. Study is completed. Draft in progress as of fall 2018.

Hosier A. The role of research in creative writing (working title)

A study of popular books on creative writing to explore the role of research in a creative context. Draft in progress as of fall 2019.