The following is a list of my publications, in case you are interested in reading some of my more formally published work.

My book

book cover

Using Context in Information Literacy Instruction: Beyond Basic Skills


Works in progress

Writing what you don’t know: Bringing conversations about research into the creative writing classroom (working title)

  • A scholarly article exploring the role of research in creative writing and the implications of this for creative writing instruction to be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal in the writing studies field.


Scholarly Articles

Forthcoming: Hosier, A. (2022). “Every story I write is a research project”: The role of research in fiction writing.” portal: Libraries and the Academy.

Hosier, A. (2019). Research is an activity and a subject of study: A proposed metaconcept and its practical application. College & Research Libraries, 80(1), p. 44-59. Link:

Hosier, A. (2017). Creating learning outcomes from threshold concepts for information literacy instruction. College & Undergraduate Libraries, 24(1), p. 1-13. doi: 10.1080/10691316.2017.1246396

Hosier, A. (2015). Teaching information literacy through “un-research.” Communications in Information Literacy, 9(2), 126-135. Link:

Hosier, A. (2013). Using Team-based learning in an online, asynchronous information literacy course. Journal of Library Innovation, 4(2), p. 111-121. Link:


Co-authored scholarly articles

Heady, C., Fyn, A., Foster-Kaufman, A., Hosier A., & Weber, M.  Contributory factors to academic librarian turnover: A mixed-methods study. Journal of Library Administration.


Other articles

Hosier, A. (2019). A look behind the curtain: What I learned as a peer reviewer about dealing with disagreement and respectful conversations. Librarian Parlor.

Hosier, A. (2019). I was once a world famous magician: Using improv to improve performance in the classroom. College & Research Libraries News, 80(8), 456-458.

Hosier, A. (2019). Focusing your research by writing the abstract first. Librarian Parlor.

Hosier, A. (2012). When teachers are taught to learn: Using team-based learning as a first-time information literacy instructor. College & Research Libraries News, 73(9), 524-527. Link:


Book Chapters

Hosier, A. (2019) First, teach students to be wrong. In Mackey, T.P. and Jacobson, T.E.
(Eds.), Metaliterate Learning for the Post-Truth World. Chicago: American Library Association. Link:

Hosier, A. (2018). Badges can do that: Ideas for using badges to enhance information
literacy instruction. In O’Brien, K. & Jacobson, T.E. (Eds.), Teaching with Digital Badges. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group. Link:

Hosier, A. & Hecker, J. (2014). Evaluate: Assessing your research process and findings. In
Bobish, G. & Jacobson, T. (Eds.), The Information Literacy User’s Guide. Geneseo, NY:
Open SUNY Textbooks. Link:

Hosier, A. & Holden, I. (2014). Conclusion. In Bobish, G. & Jacobson, T. (Eds.), The
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Bobish, G., & Hosier, A. (2011). Creating Adobe Captivate tutorials for remote library
instruction. In C.A. Germain & G.T. Burke (Eds.), Information literacy through
the streets of Hollywood. Pittsburgh, PA: Library Instruction Publications.