The Un-Research Project was created and implemented by Allison Hosier as part of a credit-bearing information literacy course in 2014. The project, a twist on the traditional annotated bibliography, and its connections to themes from the ACRL Framework were detailed in an article published in Communications in Information Literacy in 2015.

Below is a list of materials associated with the project that can be adapted for use for anyone interested in implementing the un-research project or a similar one as part of their instruction.

If you have any questions about the following materials or about the project itself, please contact me.

Teaching Information Literacy Through “Un-Research”

Original article detailing the project in Communications in Information Literacy.

Example Project Description

Example descriptions of the different parts of the un-research assignment, including the “un-research” essay, the annotated bibliography, and the reflection, with detailed directions for students.

Google doc link

Example Un-Research Essay

An example un-research essay with comments to clarify the assignment’s requirements for students.

Google doc link

Sample Grading Rubrics

Sample grading rubrics for different parts of the un-research project (all files are Word documents so they can be downloaded and edited as needed).

Un-Research Essay Grading Rubric | Annotated Bibliography Grading Rubric | Reflection Grading Rubric

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